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Simple Pan-Fried Oyster Mushrooms

Updated: Feb 23, 2021

Beginner's Recipe for working with Oyster Mushrooms

aka the Mushroom Bacon Recipe


-8oz or more Oyster Mushrooms

-1 TBSP Butter or Olive Oil

-Salt and Pepper


1. Start by slicing any remaining substrate of sawdust off of the back of the cluster. Peel individual mushrooms into pieces by grabbing a pinch of the cap and pulling down towards the stem. (This helps the stem cook evenly with the cap and avoids a tougher textured stem.) See this video for a great example: Cooking: How to peel and cook oyster mushrooms

2. Heat butter or oil at medium-high heat in a sauce pan.

3. Add mushrooms to pan and toss around to coat with oil. Add desired amount of salt and pepper or other spices and toss to coat. Let mushrooms cook for about a minute then stir. Keep stirring about every minute until desired amount of golden brown is reached.

ENJOY! Perfect for adding to stir-fry or topping a pizza. These can be mixed with eggs for an omelet or they are a great topping to fried eggs, burgers, tacos, steaks, salads and more.

***Mushroom Crispies- Perfect Salad or Soup topper, great snack and our personal favorite.

Shred into smaller than bite-size pieces. Follow the above instructions and cook under a deep golden brown. Cool on a paper towel then top and enjoy with your favorite meal.

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