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At Megan's Mushrooms, we believe that there is incredible value in eating and buying local. When we participate in a farmer's market we go home with enough healthy, locally sourced food to almost completely avoid the grocery stores and we feel so grateful for that opportunity. Eating and buying local means that a larger portion of your money goes to supporting other local businesses. There are priceless benefits to supporting small, local businesses that help take back our basic and unique commodities from multinational corporations. When our community thrives with unique local trades, it creates a community-minded and unique character that distinguishes our locale as a strong, thriving and self-supportive society. 

Supporting a local economy means more locally supported jobs, less environmental impact as your food and goods have less distance to travel, and a healthier community as a whole. 

We encourage you to explore your local community!  To get started, see some of our local partner's sites, services and goods. Trust us, you won't be disappointed

Food, Goodies & Health

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We are addicted to Pam's microgreens! We love to trade mushrooms for greens and I put them on almost everything I eat now. When I'm craving a snack, I munch on my favorite wasabi greens. Other favorites are the pea greens and sunflowers. We are excited to always be working on collaborative projects with her, watch both our websites and Facebook for updates!


Their Mission Statement: To put out more healthy options for those that wish to maximize on their wellness. We do this by offering a variety of Microgreen options that are home-grown in our spare bedroom. Everything is grown naturally with no pesticides. All of our seeds are Non-GMO and are specifically harvested for growing microgreens.

You can order greens and mushrooms for one delivery! Make sure to let us know when ordering and help us keep our carbon footprint down!

We're in love with everything about this ranch! Rise N' Shine Ranch is one of our favorite reasons to hardly ever shop at the grocery store. You can taste the difference of the naturally and wholesome raised while feeling great about it at the same time. If you would like more details, check out their Facebook and Instagram pages. We love their photos and stories so much we are officially top fans on their page. Don't forget how amazing mushrooms and meat go together! 

About the ranch: Along the beautiful front range in Colorado my family and I have been raising our animals and working to live a 100% chemical free life for 20 years.  Every day our animals get the attention and care they deserve, while we are creating a wholesome environment in which the animals thrive.  

Here in The Black Forest you will find the poultry, to include Turkeys, Ducks & Chickens, happily free ranging amongst our Pasture Raised Pigs all under the watchful eyes of our Livestock Guardian Dogs. The cattle are currently grazing in southern Colorado currently where they will then be grain finished.

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Foodie Beauti has taken our mushrooms and turned them into dynamic and gorgeous photographs. She has a very distinct and professional eye for food photography and all her photos make you so hungry! Whether you are a vendor selling your delicious goods at the market or a large restaurant looking to showcase your cuisine, Foodie Beauti is your lady! 


Foodie Beauti was created in 2014 when she discovered her love & passion for food photography. It is the perfect fit with her combination of experiences with web development, marketing, photography and of course being an avid travel foodie. Her focus is to help give culinary businesses a customized photography experience to show the best representation of their Food & Beverage services.

Colorado Farm & Art Market

We started working with Colorado Farm & Art Market in the summer of 2021. They are one of Colorado Spring's longest running markets and it shows! With the dedication of ensuring all of their vendors are 100% Colorado local, 100% of the time, they provide a truly unique market experience. While we may grow out of attending numerous markets a week, we will always try to be a frequent vendor with CFAM.

The Colorado Farm and Art Market is an authentic, locally run seasonal farmers market. The farmers and ranchers, artists and food vendors are all local and sell only what they have grown or produced, and they undergo a jury process to ensure the highest quality. You will only find the freshest, seasonally available produce!

Photography & Graphics

Our go-to for sweet treats and we wouldn't have it any other way! What I love most is that everything I've tried is not only is hit-the-spot amazingly delicious, its always just the right amount of sweet as well! Trust me, we wouldn't be this sweet without Cotton Blossom in our lives!


At Cotton Blossom Caramel you will find gourmet caramel sauces, chews and treats made in multiple varieties! Hand crafted in small batches with the upmost quality at heart, resulting in smooth creamy buttery goodness that is simply irresistible! Our mission here is simple, it's simply to make your life sweeter one spoonful at a time!

You can order treats and mushrooms for one delivery! Make sure to let us know when ordering and help us keep our carbon footprint down!

MycoSprings logo.png

MycoSprings is a new local startup to keep your eyes on! The ladies behind it are amazing and their goals are dynamic and powerful. Keep your eyes peeled for their grow workshops coming soon. Their easy to follow classes teach you sustainable and natural practices for growing many different varieties of mushrooms right along side your own garden.  MycoSprings and Megan's Mushrooms will also be collaborating on a few special projects in the near future! Follow them on their journey on Instagram.


Their Mission Statement:

To provide education and services regarding the use of fungi and mushrooms as partners in ecological restoration and food sovereignty.

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Cunningham Falconer 

All the credit for our logo goes here! Chris has a unique eye and a lifetime of experience in design. If you've been looking to create or dial in your graphics, look no further! If you just want to check out some amazing artwork and design, follow him @cunninghamfalconer.

Chris started his artistic career at the age of five when he painted his dog blue. His mother-an art teacher and his father a mechanic, Chris was taught to fix his own problems. Growing up on a small ranch Chris learned to be an expert chicken tamer by age ten.

He designed his first logo when he was just fifteen. It was then he discovered commercial art. While completing his Associates degree, Chris ran the design department in a small print shop. At 20 he began doing concert posters for some nationally recognized bands. He held various in-house roles as a lead designer in apparel decoration and packaging while attaining his Bachelors. At 30 Chris began designing for the public sector as a communication designer. This led to working with freelance clients such as The City of Boulder - Open Space and Mountain Parks, and The City of Denver. Chris lives with his fiancée and his two dogs in Denver. When he's not designing he's four-wheeling, rock climbing, or making jewelry.

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We are proud to have our mushrooms and products listed on the SOCO Virtual Market! We started with them from the beginning when Covid-19 made life difficult to say the least. Now we shop there ourselves, its such a great way to discover new and amazing local businesses! 

Katie Belle Miller, owner and operator of Heritage Belle Farms launched the SOCO Virtual Farmers Market in the wake of the Covid-19 pandemic. Her fresh ingenuity and entrepreneurship coupled with empty grocery store shelves launched a solution for connecting small family farms, ranches and local business to customers directly, in a year-round, online farmers market.

Our Mission is to support, promote and grow the local food and agricultural economy of Southern Colorado by providing an avenue for local agrarians and producers to sell their products year-round, directly to customers, thus creating a system of continuity which strengthens the culture around locally produced.

More of our Favorites
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Your mushrooms and orders from the ranch can be in one delivery! Make sure to let us know when ordering and help us keep our carbon footprint down!

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As a Colorado native born and raised, I can't even tell you the amount of different skin products I've tried over the years. I'm so happy to have met Kimi and my skin is happier for it to!  Bubbling Buddha products are not only an amazing gift for loved ones, the are an amazing gift for your skin. One of my absolute favorite things about market day is going to Bubbling Buddha's tent to smell all the amazing and wide varieties of unique scents they have to offer. If you live in Colorado, or not you have to try some of their products! 

Bubbling Buddha’s mission is to provide body products that are gentle for sensitive skin, but highly efficient at combating the effects of the Rocky Mountains while providing Buddha customer service. We uplift on the outside and the inside! Use Coupon code MEGANMUSH for a 12% discount on your first order!

You can order Bubbling Buddha products and mushrooms for one delivery! Make sure to let us know when ordering and help us keep our carbon footprint down!

Sarah is a strong and amazing woman and can do it all when it comes to natural health and remedies. Just this year, The Rooted Herbalist has grown from a market stand to their own location! Sarah is also amazing in the garden and can help you have an amazing garden as well.

You might notice our Lion's Mane listed in some of her ingredients. With one of our personal goals being health and wellness, we love working with Sarah and you will too!

Master herbalist, Reflexologist, and Reiki Master, Sarah Grant, helps those that want to get a more natural approach to their health.

We love and support Pueblo Food Project! They have supported our small business in many ways with resources, and referrals to name a few. When we have extra mushrooms to donate, they are one of our favorites to call. Even if you're not in Pueblo, its definitely worth checking out.

Pueblo Food Project is a community led coalition that helps create a more vibrant, nutritious and equitable food system for every eater in Pueblo County. They help develop a resilient local food supply system by incubating and supporting food and farm businesses. Pueblo Food Projects bring together community organizations, businesses, public institutions, government agencies and residents to learn, contribute,  impact and celebrate our food system. They also provide a structured, community-driven means to shape food and farm policy decisions a the local, state, and national level.

Clean Valley Recycling is our neighbor our favorite nonprofit in our area. They provide affordable services that directly help the environment. Not just your average recycling center, Clean Valley recycles almost anything including a wide range of building materials and second hand treasures. We recycle everything we can with them and have used a lot of building materials to grow our small business. In partnership with Green Valley Recycling we have big plans to collaborate on projects that can further help the environment and our community. 

Clean Valley Recycling is a nonprofit recycling organization dedicated to helping our community Reduce, Reuse, and Recycle.  We recycle paper, plastic, metals, cardboard, glass, electronics, paint, and we have a Reclaimed Building Materials section for your Reuse needs.  Come visit us at our Swink location. 

Contact us at 719-468-0254

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Thank you for supporting local !!
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