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Grow Kit Soaking Instructions

Did you know that most mushrooms are made up of an average of  85% water?

Especially with the dry climate in Colorado, the mushroom mycelium needs a good amount of water to produce large healthy mushrooms. We suggest that you try to soak your block between every harvest. Follow these steps to soak and recharge your mushroom block.
1. Open box and remove the grow bag. 
2. Place the bag with the hole you made facing down into a bowl or pitcher with distilled or filtered water. 
3. You may need to place something heavy (such as a plate with a few cans of food) on top of the block to keep it submerged. Let the block soak for 24 hours.
4. Remove from the water and let any excess water drain out. Dry off the outside of the bag.
5. Place you grow bag back in the box and tape it up. Resume misting. You should see you next pinning in 5-7 days.

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