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About Megan's Mushrooms

Spreading Mush Love with Colorado Grown Gourmet Mushrooms


Our Mission

At Megan's Mushrooms, we strive to learn, educate and demonstrate how mushrooms can change the world. We believe that mushrooms can revitalize our health, our tastebuds, our community and our planet. 

What we do best

   Megan’s Mushrooms grows gourmet varieties of wood loving mushrooms such as Oysters, Lion’s Mane, and King Trumpets. Owner Megan Deaton is a Colorado native and enjoys growing as well as providing fresh mushrooms that are healthy and delicious. With an eco-friendly approach, and in just 1,000 square feet, Megan’s Mushrooms grows an average of 200 pounds per week and recycles all their spent substrate for gardening and soil remediation.

     The naturally grown, gourmet mushrooms have potential health benefits for almost every part of the body. After discovering this and personally benefiting from adding oyster mushrooms to her diet, Megan quickly realized that she needed to grow more mushrooms so that others could benefit from the delicious superfood. Mushrooms may help with energy levels, nutrition, fighting disease, cognitive strength and overall well-being. Megan chooses what varieties to grow based on health benefits and flavor.

     Megan’s Mushrooms believes that access to fresh, healthy foods is crucial to supporting a healthy and thriving lifestyle. We enjoy spreading MUSH LOVE by providing education about mushrooms, medicinal mushroom extracts and sharing the amazing growing process through our Grow Your Own Kits.  

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