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Grow Your Own Reishi Mushrooms

Grow Your Own Reishi Mushrooms

Grow your own Reishi Mushrooms on your kitchen counter! While this mushroom is too woody to eat, it's gorgeous multicolored fruits and its potent medicinal properties make it one of our best selling grow kits. 

Use the fruits to make an extract or brew into a tea. Make sure to check out our tea recipe which incorporates honey and other flavors to mask the woody flavor of Reishi. 

This easy to use kit is fun for kids and adults alike.

  • Details

    This is a warm weather variety, please ensure you are able to provide the correct temperature parameters listed in the description before purchaseing. Our Grow Your Own Kits are designed for educational experience and can perform variably in different environments. For best results, review all instructions before starting, explore our Grow Support page, and contact us with any questions.

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