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Be like a mushroom, slow and strategic.

Updated: Aug 18, 2022

An update to what's new at Megan's Mushrooms and the start of my "Be like a mushroom" blog

I hope you enjoy...

Be like a mushroom, always. Mushrooms have changed my life in so many ways. They have taught me how to BE mushroom. To be a mushroom is to slow down, be present and to act when the time is right. I have so much to share with you, and more time now to leach it out of my brain. In this new blog, I want to share with you my small business secrets, successes and learning experiences as well as why we all need to be more passionate about mushrooms! Trust me, if they haven't already, they will change your life too. (Even if your one of those that doesn't enjoy eating mushrooms:)

Mushrooms are never in a rush, they save up energy, wait for ideal growing conditions, then fruit when the time is right.

Well 2022 has already been quite the year! Not that the two preceding were any less eventful! If it weren't for all the incredibly amazing things that have happened, I'm not sure I would have survived the crazy challenges. Big things, big changes and a LOT is going on with Megan's Mushrooms this year...

The challenges that were overcome (well almost)

It's been a long 5 months of hauling our own water. As I am writing this I am being told for what seems like the millionth time, you'll have running water tomorrow... I'm a mushroom farmer, mushrooms are compromised of about 80% or more, yep water. To summarize the longest story, the water is not great near us. So much so that when I decided I was going to farm mushrooms, the first challenge was installing numerous filters so that I had clean water to grow with. This year we were incredibly fortunate enough to receive a grant for a well. While it will change my future of mushroom farming, it did make this summer extremely challenging.

How I am pivoting with exciting new changes

While I was able to keep the grow going through most of the summer, I knew right away that without consistent water, there was only so much I could do. Through all challenges in the past, I have been great with doing everything possible to fight to keep my business, my passion afloat. I knew I needed to pivot from relying on just fresh mushrooms.

I had to sit down with myself and ask "What is my ultimate goal with this business?" The answer was pretty simple, find out how to change the world through mushrooms. It's a weighted goal with many angles and opportunities.

When I started Megan's Mushrooms, many of you might remember that I had to do a lot of education on mushrooms. Farmer's market conversations consisted of what these mushrooms were, how to cook with them and why they are so amazing. With the weather and humidity a constant surprise in Colorado, its no wonder that most people had never tried or heard of Oyster mushrooms or Lion's Mane mushrooms.

Thankfully mushrooms have gained their spotlight in the last few years, showing us how they can assist us with almost any life challenge.

I like to play a game with my husband and close friends: They try to come up with an industry or business that could not ever benefit from mushrooms, and I respond with multiple ways that mushrooms could benefit the industry named! I challenge you to try and stump me!

Introducing Megan's Mushporium

Mushporium: A unique collection of everything shroomy, brought to you and in support of Megan's Mushrooms as well as some of my favorite small businesses both local and afar.

One of my favorite passions when it comes to attending farmer's markets, is to connect with other local businesses and explore fun and productive ways that we can work together and promote each other. That was one of the main ideas behind the Mushporium. I wanted a place where one could shop for multiple mushroom items in one spot. I also wanted to offer shroomy stuff that is not as easy to bring to the markets. I have chosen products to offer based on the support of other small businesses with a passion for what they do. From grow kits to unique jewelry, to extracts and dried mushrooms, I hope there will soon be something for everybody at every occasion, so that we can enjoy all the benefits of mushrooms. Please let me know if you have an idea for a business that the Mushporium could collaborate with as well as any shroomy products you would like to see.

In closing,

We are officially up and growing today! Among my other challenges, my car is currently in the shop for an unknown amount of time. I am hoping I will be able to make a few of the last farmer's markets however that is up to how fast my car gets fixed. Fresh mushrooms will be readily available again in two weeks or less, please reach out if you need or would like a delivery! If you haven't heard, we have also added a grow in Black Forest! I hope you will check out and support the Mushporium as well.

REMEMBER! Be like a mushroom, slow and strategic, through challenges, in order to fully enjoy the best parts of life, and to accelerate positive growth for yourself and everything around you.

Each future blog will feature a new way we can learn from mushrooms. There is also many other fun new changes to update you on. Stay tuned!

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