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Is this normal?

Yes! Those alien looking bumps are the beginnings of your mushrooms! If they are Blue Oysters than they may have a dark blue or black color to them.


How do I make a humidity dome?

You can easily make a humidity dome out of many items you might find in your recycling bin. Just remember that it needs to be plastic to hold moisture droplets, and it needs to have lot of holes so it doesn't restrict the flow of oxygen to your mushrooms.


When is it time to Harvest?

Where is the best place in my house to grow my mushrooms?

Mushrooms thrive when three important environmental factors are provided:

Light, Humidity & Oxygen

When is it time to harvest Blue Oysters?

Notice in the picture how most of the caps are still curled under, but a few are flattening out? This is the perfect time to harvest.


When is it time to harvest Lion's Mane?

The teeth on these Lion's Mane indicate the perfect time to harvest. Harvesting Lion's Mane a little early does not affect flavor, however harvesting late can result in a bitter flavor. 


What do the pieces of fruit look like that I need to pick off after harvest?

These photos are a good example of some of the fruit pieces that you should pick off after each harvest. Neglecting this step will allow those pieces to start to decompose and that can introduce contamination to your block and decrease the number of harvests you will get.

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