King Trumpets have a very mild flavor and are very versatile. They are known for their thick, dense stems which can be grilled or roasted without losing their structure. We have some amazing recipes for these listed on our Recipes page. Our mushrooms are always freshly harvested and grown on sterilized sawdust. King Trumpets have high protein and low calories as well as many valuable nutrients including vitamins B, C & D, folic acid, iron, fiber, selenium, glutathione, extra ergothioneine, and essential antioxidants. They have been known to aid in lowering cholesterol, alleviating inflammation, and digestive health. If you do not see the quantity you are looking for, please send us a message.

  • Storage Instructions

    ~Mushrooms can be eaten raw; however, we advise you to cook them to break down the tough cell walls which makes it possible for your body to access the nutritional and potential medicinal benefits. Some people may also have a hard time digesting raw mushrooms.

    ~Oyster Mushrooms and Lion’s Mane should be eaten, cooked or dried within 3-5 days. King Trumpets should be eaten, cooked or dried within 5-7 days. Once cooked, all mushrooms need to be frozen or eaten within 3-5 days.

    ~Unless cooked, do not wrap mushrooms in plastic or store in plastic bags. Store them in the fridge in a paper bag or a plastic container with the lid slightly open.

    ~Our mushrooms are grown in a clean and contained environment on sterilized sawdust (not manure). They can be lightly brushed or lightly rinsed before use, however, avoid cleaning until you are ready to use them and thoroughly dry before cooking if rinsed.

    ~Before cooking, slice off the little mound of sawdust that may be present on the back of the cluster or back of the mushroom if Lion’s Mane.

    ~ For oyster mushrooms you will want to tear into at least two pieces, starting at the cap and pulling along the gills, towards the stem for preparation. If you prefer a tougher texture to the stem you will want to leave them whole. Gourmet mushrooms are great in stir fries, on top of steaks, in omeletes or as a topping to soup and salads to name a few popular uses.

                   See the Recipes page on our website for cooking ideas.

                Please don’t hesitate to contact us with any questions.                                    


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