At Megan's Mushrooms, we believe that there is incredible value in eating and buying local. When we participate in a farmer's market we go home with enough healthy, locally sourced food to almost completely avoid the grocery stores and we feel so grateful for that opportunity. Eating and buying local means that a larger portion of your money goes to supporting other local businesses. There are priceless benefits to supporting small, local businesses that help take back our basic and unique commodities from multinational corporations. When our community thrives with unique local trades, it creates a community-minded and unique character that distinguishes our locale as a strong, thriving and self-supportive society. 

Supporting a local economy means more locally supported jobs, less environmental impact as your food and goods have less distance to travel, and a healthier community as a whole. 

We encourage you to explore your local community!  To get started, see some of our local partner's sites, services and goods. Trust us, you won't be disappointed

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We are addicted to Pam's microgreens! We love to trade her mushrooms for greens and I put them on almost everything I eat now. My favorites are the pea greens and carrot greens. We are excited to be discussing collaborative projects with her, watch both our websites and Facebook for updates!


Their Mission Statement: To put out more healthy options for those that wish to maximize on their wellness. We do this by offering a variety of Microgreen options that are home-grown in our spare bedroom. Everything is grown naturally with no pesticides. All of our seeds are Non-GMO and are specifically harvested for growing microgreens.

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Foodie Beauti has taken our mushrooms and turned them into dynamic and gorgeous photographs. She has a very distinct and professional eye for food photography and all her photos make you so hungry! Whether you are a vendor selling your delicious goods at the market or a large restaurant looking to showcase your cuisine, Foodie Beauti is your lady! 


Foodie Beauti was created in 2014 when she discovered her love & passion for food photography. It is the perfect fit with her combination of experiences with web development, marketing, photography and of course being an avid travel foodie. Her focus is to help give culinary businesses a customized photography experience to show the best representation of their Food & Beverage services.

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We are very excited to be a part of this amazing movement! Green Woman Market links green, earth-friendly businesses in Colorado and promotes them. With over 3 dozen businesses and growing, you can show your love for the earth by shopping with and supporting a variety of your local,  green-minded businesses and find them all on one website. 

Founder Sandra Knauf moved to Colorado when she was 16 and has now been here over four decades. She started Greenwoman Publishing, LLC in 2011, and decided to start Greenwoman Market in late 2019 to help other business owners, like herself, who want to help "save the Earth" (in their own way).
She feels that Greenwoman Market will help like-minded entrepreneurs do just that. That it will provide a much needed network of earth-friendly businesses and customers.

Purchase a Greenwoman Market Card for only $35 and get 10% off at 70+ (and growing!) Earth-friendly Colorado Businesses

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Clean Valley Recycling is our neighbor our favorite nonprofit in our area. They provide affordable services that directly help the environment. Not just your average recycling center, Clean Valley recycles almost anything including a wide range of building materials and second hand treasures. We recycle everything we can with them and have used a lot of building materials to grow our small business. In partnership with Green Valley Recycling we have big plans to collaborate on projects that can further help the environment and our community. 

Clean Valley Recycling is a nonprofit recycling organization dedicated to helping our community Reduce, Reuse, and Recycle.  We recycle paper, plastic, metals, cardboard, glass, electronics, paint, and we have a Reclaimed Building Materials section for your Reuse needs.  Come visit us at our Swink location. 

Contact us at 719-468-0254


One of the best decisions we made in 2020 was to join the Backyard Market in Black Forest! This market is full of amazing people from the vendors, the rockstar managers, and the amazing & supportive customers. The market is  full of local vendors, is earth friendly, family friendly and operates in a gorgeous corner of Black Forest. Check out our homepage events during market season for directions or if its winter, check our their winter produce boxes!

The mission of the Backyard Market in Black Forest is to support a healthier community by providing an opportunity for local farmers, ranchers, food producers, artists and makers to sell their products directly to the consumer in an educational, friendly and community oriented environment.