About Megan's Mushrooms

     In an effort to eat a healthier diet, I stumbled upon gourmet mushrooms in 2017. This category of mushrooms has more health benefits than many supplements and the bonus for me is that most of them need to be cooked in order for your body to absorb all the beneficial nutrients. I have always been dedicated to eating fresh, healthy foods, however eating the same raw fruits and veggies all the time can get boring! With the umami, bacon-like flavor and a little golden-brown crisp, Oyster Mushrooms are my favorite addition to almost any meal.    

      These types of mushrooms are not easy to find in southern Colorado. Once I had fallen in love with Oyster Mushrooms, I quickly learned to grow my own so that I could enjoy this new tasty superfood whenever I wanted. Growing mushrooms is a fascinating process and I quickly fell in love with every aspect of it.    

      The next mushroom I learned to grow was Lion’s Mane. Upon researching the health benefits of gourmet mushrooms, Lion’s Mane shows up everywhere and its bioactive compounds have been shown to have beneficial effects on almost every part of the body. The smooth texture and lobster-like flavor has me hooked and I really feel that I have more mental clarity and stamina when I include Lion’s Mane in my breakfast every morning.      

     I’ve always felt that access to fresh healthy foods is crucial to supporting a healthy and thriving lifestyle. Eating well can help energy levels, reduce the risk of chronic diseases and increase mental clarity which all in turn expands your quality of life. Everyone deserves to feel this way! That’s why it has become my mission to spread the word on gourmet mushrooms and to provide my community with only the freshest, tastiest, healthy gourmet mushroom varieties. We use no pesticides and grow in an extremely clean facility. I am constantly learning how to grow new varieties and I love to share the growing experience with my Grow Your Own Kits. For those that may not be a fan of mushrooms, I provide tinctures that carry all the potential medicinal benefits so that absolutely everyone may benefit from the amazing properties of Gourmet Mushrooms. -Spreading Mush Love, Megan